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 company logo My Successful Company delivers Low prices For Cleaning:
Military homes; Vacant homes; New Home; New Construction; Janitorial

compared to the ones in the Gte Telephone book...
Come in and see to check what there prices are.. If we are still higher? I will go $3.00 dollars lower than any other Licenced and Insured Cleaner...

Sorry We don't do Maid Services anymore!

Company Headquarters:
Little's Cleaning

Phone: 805-240-1514

Fax : 805-240-1514 (Call First)

Cell: 805-312-1760

Alpha Numeric Email:



Little's Cleaning has moved to our new Domian Name:
Please go there and Bookmark that page!

Our new E-mail is:

Come in and See! Bran New! Chat Rooms

We Have Military Support for the Wives too Go here!

Military Life

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